Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Debi & Barry Duff

My husband & I suddenly found ourselves in new territory when we decided to invest an upcoming inheritance into the purchase of a home. As we've always rented, this truly was an area in which we had no real experience. As we found ourselves waiting for probate to run it's course, we began looking through the real estate listings, going out to a few open houses. At some point, we decided that it would be nice to find an agent who would be willing to be patient with our wait but would keep in touch once in a while, keeping us up to date on the market & being there if we have any questions. We weren't asking much; maybe an email every so often. We'd met a few agents at open houses we'd been to but none seemed interested at all in our situation as it wasn't an instant sell. Too much time to invest. Then one day I received an from Maya Fox, from a listing I'd inquired about. I explained our situation to her & she's been there for us ever since. Maya spent months, keeping in touch with us, keeping us informed with the current market. She also set us up to receive the mls listings, via email, each time a new listing or price change was added. Eventually the time came for us to purchase & the stress was really on. There were houses we liked & houses we didn't like but Maya never lost patience with us. There were times when we were feeling so frustrated with the process but Maya was such motivating force. She always told us, “We will find the right house” and we did. We are blessed to have found Maya or perhaps it was Maya who found us. Either way, we're grateful we had Maya to guide us through the challenging waters of purchasing our home. Her knowledge, warmth, kindness and endless patience combined was exactly what we needed. And we didn't even have to ask. Thank you, Maya.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

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